Click on a title to read some of my work:


“Selfie: Twink.” HIV Here & Now. August, 2015.

“Selfie: Fag-got.” Gertrude Press.  Upcoming.

“Selfie: Foot-noted,” “Selfie: Out of Place,” “Selfie: Portrait as Crystal Connors in Showgirls,”and  “Selfie: Taken.” Canopic Jar.  April 2015.

“Selfie: Bloody Mary.”  Epiphany.  Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

“Selfie: St. Exhibitionist”, “Selfie: Crooked Below the Belt”, “Selfie: The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)”, “Selfie: O, Beast, Obesity”, “Selfie: A Portrait as Nomi Malone in ‘Showgirls’”, “Selfie: From this Angle”, and “Selfie: The Naked Civil Servant”  Issue#17  Assaracus. January, 2015.

“Selfie: Cupping Scar Tissue.Cobalt Review. December, 2014.

“Selfie: Mr. Invisible.” Chelsea Station. December 2014.

“Selfie: Dreamt,” “Selfie: Vamp,” ” Ted Hughes Sees A Ghost,” and “Selfie: The Shade of It Calls.” Glitterwolf. October, 2014.

“Selfie: Lot’s Wife, the Salt Lick.” “Suffering Succotash: Lisp.” Bloom. Winter 2014.

“Selfie: Cut from the Same.” Luna Luna.  September 10, 2014.

“Selfie: Manscape.” The Good Men Project.  August, 2014.

“Selfie: I’m.”  Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies. August 2014.

“Selfie: Memento Mori.” Weave Magazine. Summer 2014.

“Seflie: Inked.” Tattoosday (a tattoo blog). April 19, 2014.

“Selfie: The Size of the Opportunity.” JDBRecords.  April 2014.

“Selfie: High Ridin’ Woman.” Caponic Jar.  Spring 2014.

“The Pits,” “Exotic Bush Honeysuckle,” “The Nightmare Before Halloween,” “You Be He Be She Bees: Africanized.” Mad Hatters’ Review, MadHat #15. Fall 2013.

“Passer Domesticus” NU AWP nominee.  December, 2012.

“Japanese-American Beetle.” Animal: A Beast of A Literary Magazine. December, 2012.

“Redline: Morse” CAF Review. December, 2012.

“Latin Elegy,” “Dear Q,” “Elegy of Mojave.” Jet Fuel. 2012

“Accompanying Marcel to IML,” “Cheers to the Cosmo,” “Body Language,” “Atypical Odontalgia,” “Concoction,” “Androgynoid,” “Plague Prayer: The Emerald Ash Borer,” “Bodewadami.”  Issue#9  Assaracus. January, 2013.

“Kudzu.” Court Green. Issue #10. 2012.

“Ball and Socket.” jdbrecords (blog). April, 2012.

“Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda.” Fiction Brigade. March 19, 2012.

“Learning Dronish.” Volume 6, Interrobang. 2012.

“Discotheque.” Found Poetry Review. February 28, 2012.

“Lost In Space.” Star*Line. 35.3, June, 2012.

“Scabies,” “File Sharing,” & “Cyborgy.”  Q Review. December 1, 2011.

“Wish I Was There.” Organs of Vision and Speech Magazine.  2011.

“Pretty In Pink: Ariel Ripped & Unwritten.” The New Sound: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Art & Literature.  2011.

“Polar Bear Club.” A Handful of Dust. 2011.

“Can You See Me Through.”  Tawdry Bawdry.  August 15, 2011.

“Alohas Amid the Cosmos.”  Insolent Aardvark.  January, 2012.

“Timer: For the Sake of Counting.”   Prairie Wolf Press (  March 2011.

“Iconic Waltzes.”  VOX3 (  January 2011.

“The Air Is Thin Up Here.” Rougarou: An Online Literary Journal. August 2010.

“Eye of an Olive,” & “Shortsighted.”  Prove & Confusion.  January 2010.

“After It All,” “Last In Line,” & “Lost At Sea.” Prove & Confusion.  July 2009.


“A Pair of Poetry Reviews.” TriQuarterly Online. July 1, 2012.

“Neighborhood Register by Marcus Jackson.” TriQuarterly Online. January 1, 2012.


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